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File Extension Library
Learn what a file extension means, its file type and what opens it

File extensions are the key to opening a file!

File extensions are the short suffixes that appear after the filename. They are used to indicate the file type. In their early use, file extensions were used to indicate the generic type of a file. For example, .txt was used for a text file, and file extension .gfx for a graphics file. However, over time, file extensions have become connected with certain programs or even versions of that program. A .doc file indicates a Microsoft Word document, while a .docx file extension means it was created using Word 2007 or a later version. Use the index below to locate file extensions and click on the links to learn about their file types and the programs that support them.

File Extension Directory

File Extensions (Top10)

File Extensions (Top10)

1.   File Extension PDF
2.   File Extension BAK
3.   File Extension TEC
4.   File Extension Torrent
5.   File Extension LNK
6.   File Extension IWA
7.   File Extension DL
8.   File Extension BIN
9.   File Extension FIX
10.   File Extension XLS
Top New Entries

Top New Entries

1.   File Extension SXW
2.   File Extension SYD
3.   File Extension SYN
4.   File Extension TAH
5.   File Extension TCL
6.   File Extension TFA
7.   File Extension TIC
8.   File Extension TOC
9.   File Extension TPZ
10.   File Extension TUD



1.   File Extension PDF
2.   File Extension IWA
3.   File Extension ACCDB
4.   File Extension TXT
5.   File Extension PPT


1.   File Extension TEC
2.   File Extension DWG
3.   File Extension SKP
4.   File Extension ABR
5.   File Extension THM


1.   File Extension MP3
2.   File Extension EFA
3.   File Extension GPK
4.   File Extension ABC
5.   File Extension SB

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